Labs & X-Rays

Laboratory & Radiology


We perform a variety of routine lab work such as urinalyses, strep throat screens, pregnancy tests, glucose screens, and cholesterol tests. Certain tests may require that you go to an outside laboratory.  Tricore Labs has a facility in Los Lunas, as does Quest Diagnostic Lab.  All radiology testing will be performed by the facility required by your insurance company.

Patients can retrieve their lab and radiology results by accessing the Patient Portal.  You will be provided with a login and password when you visit the office or you can call us and a member of our staff can reset your password if you've forgotten it.  You can retrieve your results within several days of having the tests done.  When you retrieve your result, you will be informed by your provider if the results are normal, or what further actions may need to be taken. 

If you unable to retrieve your results after ten days, send us a message from the Patient Portal or call the office.  It is imperative that we know when and where you had the test(s) done; otherwise we may be unaware of an important or even critical test result that we have not received from the lab or radiology facility. 

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